Mahindra XUV700 CNG Model Returns 25 km/kg Mileage

With the increasing fuel prices, everyone in the country is worried about commuting and making up their minds to buy alternative fuel vehicles. Among other alternative fuel options, people prefer to opt for CNG-powered cars. Some people choose to modify their existing cars and install aftermarket CNG kits. We often see Maruti and Hyundai cars outfitted with CNG, but today we have India’s first-of-a-kind Mahindra XUV700, which is also fitted with a CNG kit.

This converting process has been done by the Ahmedabad-based aftermarket CNG workshop, MLN Technology, and the video has been shared by the Youtube channel named “The Cars Show By Arsh Jolly”. In the video, we can see the CNG kit installed comprises two 12 kg cylinders, bringing the total capacity of the kit to 24 kg. It also needs to be mentioned that, in ideal conditions, the maximum capacity of the kit is 20 kg of CNG.

As claimed in the video, the owner has been able to achieve a fuel efficiency of around 25 km per kg of CNG using the CNG kit. With standard CNG prices ranging between INR 60-65 per kg, the vehicle’s overall per-km cost has been reduced to around Rs 2.50. The CNG kit installer offers a warranty of two years on the CNG kit. However, it is clearly stated in the video that if any part of the vehicle’s engine is completely damaged as a result of someone’s driving behaviour, the cost of repairing or replacing the engine must be borne solely by the vehicle’s owner.

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