Here is the Best Modified Mahindra Thar in India with Jeep Looks

Mahindra Thar is the closest cousin that Jeep Wrangler could get in the Indian car market. When comparing the prices for both of them, one could say that Thar is actually a value-for-money product within the off-road universe. Jeep Studio, a Coimbatore-based modifier, once worked on the last-gen model of Mahindra Thar and brought this beautiful product at the end.

Perfectly Modified Mahindra Thar
This is the Best Modified Mahindra Thar We Have Ever Seen

Transforming the Mahindra Thar into Wrangler took a lot more than just putting new parts on the existing panels. It was a deep study based on the architecture of both Thar and the three-door model of the Wrangler that helped Jeep Studio achieve perfection in the final design.

Not even a single change was made in such a way that it would have made servicing the vehicle tough for Mahindra dealerships. All parts around the engine bay were kept stock as that would have helped the customer get easy spares in case of an emergency. Still, the biggest change was the addition of a metal roof that runs right from the Thar’s windshield to the rear end of the SUV.

Apart from the front glass windows, a non-movable and toughened glass window has been used for the rear section. Rearview mirrors were borrowed from an actual Jeep Wrangler while the interior has been given a premium finish for enhanced driving feel. The front and rear lights have been replaced with LED units while a complete front-end transformation has been given for the premium Jeep feel. The Maxxis off-road tyres further helped this Thar gain more muscle during its transformation.

Apart from the donor Thar, one will need to pay around Rs 6.50 lakhs to Jeep Studio in order to get all these changes. The modifier left the engine and performance section untouched for the exclusive Mahindra Thar-style riding. The last-gen model of the SUV was powered by a 2498cc, four-cylinder turbo diesel engine producing 105BHP of power and 247Nm of torque. The engine was mated to a 5-speed gearbox while 4×4 was standard on the top-spec model.

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This is the Best Modified Mahindra Thar We Have Ever Seen