10 Reasons Why Mahindra Thar is the Best Off-Roader under Rs 10 lakh

Mahindra Thar is undoubtedly the best product in its class, easily winning over the cars that are sold around its price tag. The amount of practicality on offer is comparable to none other as Thar never cares about the surface and drives without the need of a road at all. Mahindra offers the same with two different engines, bringing the price tag to an all time low INR 6,63,904 (ex-showroom Delhi) for the Di 2WD model and INR 7,16,156 for the Di 4WD model. The top spec Thar CRDe 4×4 costs INR 9,39,689 and offers every available equipment on the Thar lineup.

10 Reasons Why Mahindra Thar is the Best Off-Roader under Rs 10 lakh

1) Rock Solid Built

Moving over the rocks is never that easy and Thar would love to do the same in your hands. Mahindra offers a rock solid built to the Thar, further ensuring that no challenge stays untouched on your way. Every component used in making the Thar knows that one day you will take it to the extreme and thus, its ready for action at all times.


2) Borgwarner 4WD System

Mahindra Thar is offered with Borgwarner 4WD system with manual shift on fly as standard on the CRDe variant. This helps it tackle the roughest of all terrains, helping it maintain the possible level of traction and keeping it away from being stuck at most places. The low and high ratios help it drive even better on variable terrains in a single drive.

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3) Approach and Departure Angle

Thar comes with an approach angle of 44 degree while its departure angle is 27 degree. The high approach angle makes it possible for Thar to climb difficult slopes and not just that, it further saves the front section from getting scrapped in such tough situations. This departure angle helps it reach the ground without damaging its rear end.

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4) Mechanical Locking Rear Differential

The rear differential on Mahindra Thar comes with mechanical locking, restricting the need of switches or knobs to change the drive mode in different conditions. It simply synchronizes the rotation of wheels in such a way that even if one looses traction and starts spinning fast, it will simply slow down to match the speed of other wheel and get you out of the trouble with much ease.

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5) Retro Jeep Looks

Mahindra Thar carries the same old looks as vintage Jeeps, carrying the legacy ahead with its updated design and still matching the 7-times expensive Jeep Wrangler. The front round headlights, multiple slat grills and boxy design makes it really appealing in its price segment. Thar carries those massive wheel arches that simply engulfs those big and practical tyres. The shades on offer include Red Rage, Nepoli Black, Mist Silver, Rocky Beige and Diamond White.


6) Perfectly Finished, Removable Canopy

Mahindra provides a perfectly finished and removable canopy for the rear section of Thar CRDe. It simply looks amazing and can even be removed when not in need by following few simple steps. The seating inside the Thar is even flexible as the rear benches are facing each other and can accommodate 4 people with ease. There are always available options for custom canopies in the market.


7) Powerful 105 BHP Engine

Thar is powered by a 2498cc, 4-cylinder diesel engine producing 105 BHP at 3800 rpm and 247 Nm at 1800-2000 rpm. The gearbox on use is a heavy duty 5-speed manual unit. The engine is very powerful and pulls this heavy off-road machine with ease on every surface. This engine is even good for cruising at triple digit speeds.

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8) Dual Tone Interior

Mahindra offers dual tone interiors on the top spec Thar. Unlike the earlier versions with the most basic interior, this Thar carries perfectly finished interior with an option for 2 din audio player or touchscreen AVN on the dashboard. The dials are new while the use of a new steering wheel takes the premium feel up on the Mahindra Thar.


9) New Instrument Console

Thar comes with a three pod, chrome lined instrument console that fits great behind its large steering wheel. The center pod carries the analogue speedometer and digital odometer while the one at the left is good for engine’s temperature as well as fuel gauge. If things were not that interesting in these two, Mahindra offers a tachometer in the right pod.


10) Air Conditioner with Heater

Those days are long gone when Thar was not a comfortable ride with lack of air conditioner on its variants. Mahindra Thar CRDe gets an air conditioner with heater, leaving the passengers in utmost comfort while traveling in the toughest weather conditions. The air events are even adjustable while options like front windscreen demister and 12 V power socket makes it even more practical than ever.

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10 Reasons Why Mahindra Thar is the Best Off-Roader under Rs 10 lakh
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