Auto Industry Slowdown: Maruti Suzuki Registers 25.1% Sales Drop

Maruti Suzuki is the worst hit car brand of India, regularly posting a decrease in sales numbers in comparison to their immensely praiseworthy sales figures of the year 2018. The total number of cars, including both import and export models, sold in May 2019 was just 1,34,641. For sheer comparison, the same month last year got 1,72,512 units on their side.

The overall decline in sales is 22% while comparing the local sales figures take the sales drop number even higher at 25.1%. The sales number for India is 1,21,018 units in May 2019 while the same month last year had 1,61,497 units for Maruti Suzuki.

The brand saw a huge drop in sales numbers regarding entry-level cars in India while those looking for full-sized sedans preferred other options in place of the new Ciaz. Every car in the lineup saw declining numbers, with Vitara Brezza posting a number that is almost 25% lower to its yearly average.

Maruti Super Carry, the only commercial vehicle in their lineup, saw an increase of 31% in the sales number. However, the number gained is approx 500 units higher than the May 2018 sales number. While many points into the direction of Hyundai Venue for Vitara’s downfall, the problem is even more serious.

The Vitara Brezza is available with just a diesel engine and buyers can be seen switching from diesel to petrol options for the compact segment. As they are unable to manage the needs of these sort of buyers, they are seen moving into Hyundai, Tata and Ford family with options like turbocharged petrol engines. The small cars are losing customers with a diesel engine as their first need and Maruti has even announced the discontinuation of the compact engine in the coming months.

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The sales numbers will keep on falling if Maruti Suzuki doesn’t launch a new product with all the desired values for the Indian market. Moreover, the company must update its products to meet higher safety standards. The brand recently also shut down the production for one day to keep a check on the inventory pileup.

Maruti Suzuki Shuts Down Production
Maruti Suzuki Shuts Down Production for One Day

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Auto Industry Slowdown: Maruti Suzuki Registers 25.1% Sales Drop
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