Photos of All-New 2017 Suzuki WagonR Leaked

Suzuki WagonR and Stingray are preparing for an update and the same has been confirmed through the leaked brochure images in Japan. Both the models will keep their tall boy stance alive and get a redesigned character through the visual upgrades. The new design is more like a Japan centric update as they are now synced with other products that are sold in the Suzuki home market. Here are the basic changes that can be visually described in the first look.


Photos of All-New 2017 Suzuki WagonR Leaked

WagonR, the one with a standard body uses dual headlight design and even carries two separate grills at the front end. The top grill is glass embedded one like the stingray while the lower one is finished with a chrome bar. It gets the same stance but uses a much thicker B-pillar than the on-going car. When moving successfully to the rear side, there is a sudden change as the taillights can be seen right next to the rear wheel arch while all the above space just carries the 5th door handle.





All-New 2017 Suzuki WagonR

Stingray, on the other hand has not yet revealed its rear profile but carries a commanding front bumper and even more tempting front grill. It uses Cadillac style front headlights while addition of front fog lamps and sporty alloy wheels make it look better in comparison for sure. The Japan spec cars are powered by 660 cc, turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines while Indian cars would get the same K10B engine with a 5-speed manual or AMT gearbox for sure.

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All-New 2017 Suzuki WagonR Stingray

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