New Suzuki Hustler Wanderer Officially Unveiled in Japan

Suzuki Hustler Wanderer Edition is the most amazing tallboy design of its kind, mixing the design lines from hatchbacks and crossovers into one pack. The car comes with Chiffon Ivory Metallic paint, seen on Casio’s Baby-G Wanderer watch. The typical model is suitable for buyers with an active lifestyle, complemented through the thick cladding around the bumpers and wheel arches. The Wanderer watch will launch in different countries in December 2018. The bumpers and highlights are finished in the brown shade while the interior of the Hustler also follows the same combination. Black, beige and brown seem perfectly laid for the dashboard section.

Not just that, the roof is completely finished in the brown shade while wheels are steel type with gunmetal finish. The 15-inch wheels look perfect on the overall profile of the car. Hustler is available both in 2WD and 4WD option, making it one among the limited number of cars to have all-wheel-drive at such point. The tiny 0.66L engine on the car is good for 52PS at 6500 rpm and 63 Nm at 4000 rpm. The engine comes with mild hybrid technology, pushing 40 Nm of torque into the system on demand. The motor saves power into a lithium-ion battery and helps fuel efficiency improvement.

The range-topping Wanderer Edition comes with a price tag of 16,08,120 Yen (INR 10.47 lakh approx) for the 2WD variant while 4WD costs 17,34,480 Yen (INR 11.30 lakh approx). The interior comes with dashboard-mounted gear lever, huge touchscreen system with navigation support, dual tone finish on the doors, brown inserts into the seat covers and silver insert in the steering wheel. Hustler comes with dark finished front grille, projector headlights, round fog lamps in the bumpers and squared wheel arches for this unique head-turning tallboy look.

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New Suzuki Hustler Wanderer Photos

New Suzuki Hustler Wanderer Officially Unveiled in Japan
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