2018 Mercedes A-Class Interiors Unveiled

2018 Mercedes A-Class is now certainly the smartest car of its segment. The brand recently revealed the interior for fourth generation of A-Class, surprising fans with a premium interior that has a full length screen running from the console to the infotainment system.

The new car will debut in March @ 2018 Geneva Motor Show and till then, the fantasy stays visual only. Mercedes Benz believes in adding technology from bigger cars into smaller ones to make them equally competitive in markets where trends are different from their home market.

2018 Mercedes A-class Interior
2018 Mercedes A-class Interior

Compact size of cars now attract more buyers around the world than it ever did before. Blame it on environment friendly guys or increasing population, downsizing is a need of time, both in terms of engine size and dimensions. The new A-Class is more into younger audience and thus, it needs some special attention to make the cabin space more alive than its previous generation.

Interior elegance, along with technology loaded cabin space can bring more buyers into the segment that stays undiscovered in most markets. People spend a lot of time inside their car and interior quality and comfort is emerging as the utmost need of time, even louder than the need for bigger engine.

2018 Mercedes A-class InteriorBuyers of the next gen Mercedes-Benz A-Class will get turbine inspired air vents with LED lighting. It works impressively and can offer up to 64 shades of your choice. Seats will be new with climate control while S-Class steering wheel even looks good on the interior.

Soft touch materials, hand rest for the infotainment toggle space and bits of added luxury makes the new A-Class a great option to consider in 2018. They will improve the boot space to 370 liters while bigger display at the front (dual 10.25 inch) will be optional on all available variants.

2018 Mercedes A-class Interior2018 Mercedes A-class Interior2018 Mercedes A-class Interior2018 Mercedes A-class Interior

2018 Mercedes A-Class Interiors Unveiled
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