Mercedes-Benz Suspected of Using Emissions Manipulation Software

Mercedes-Benz Accused of Using Emissions Manipulation Software: A report from German newspaper Bild am Sonntag has claimed that Mercedes-Benz is willingly using softwares that help them pass emission tests in various countries. The report claims that Daimler is using various softwares that are developed in-house by their engineers to monitor different situations while the car is being driven.

The software manipulates catalytic reduction filter and engine conditions to pass IS specific emission standards. The diesel engine will run in the cleanest possible state during various cycles as they have programmed the same to stay clean once an ideal condition is detected.

The diesel-gate scandal by Volkswagen was the worst thing that world could have witnessed last year and now, reports regarding Mercedes-Benz using the same to cheat the laws have further deepened the roots. The newspaper has revealed certain functions that were specially designed to pass each level with cleanest possible exhaust emission.

Emissions Manipulation Software
Mercedes-Benz Suspected of Using Emissions Manipulation Software

Bit 13 function, as they say company has named the levels, switches back into dirty mode once 16 grams of NOx is released. This limit is US highway cycle test limit and thus, the car could easily fool the machine with this function. Temperature conditions were also equated through another program.

Bit 14 take FTP-75 warm test cycle under control as after detecting lab conditions, it can emit a different set of gases than regular conditions. Bit 15 function switches off SCR exhaust gas treatment system after 16 miles. Not just that, a function named Slip-guard is also said to come in action when a rolling surface is detected.

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The function then influences the dose of AdBlue solution. These can be filled again on regular services and thus, no one gets to know how cleverly the car switched between emission terms while freely riding on the road. All this means a big problem for Mercedes Benz for sure.

Mercedes-Benz Suspected of Using Emissions Manipulation Software
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