Odd-Even Rule to be Reintroduced in New Delhi from November 4

The Delhi government has decided to reintroduce the odd-even rule in the National Capital Region (NCR) to curb pollution. In an official interview, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal notified that they are going to launch a 7-point plan in the capital in order to tackle the after-effects of the pollution caused during Diwali. The plan also includes bringing back the odd-even rule which will be applicable from November 4 to November 15, 2019.

The odd-even scheme is based on the last two digits of the vehicle’s registration number. Under this scheme, the vehicles having odd and even numbers in the last digits of their registration number will be running on alternate days. The idea was introduced back in the year 2015 by the same government as an initiative to resolve the issues of pollution in the capital.

The Chief Minister of Delhi said, “On 2 and 3 November, there is Saturday and Sunday. Odd-even will be implemented from November 4 to November 15. Studies show that it reduces pollution by 10-13 per cent,” he added, “Emergency vehicles will not be subject to this”.

He also highlighted the reasons behind the pollution and told that the burning of stubble in the neighbouring states is also one of the key factors behind the smog that appears during festive season time and thus, such an initiative proves to be a positive factor in tackling pollution.

According to the government, there are 12 heavily polluted areas which are categorised as hotspots. For such areas, new measures are being planned hence, two environment marshals will be appointed so that they help in discouraging the burning of garbage in winters.

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Free masks will be also given in winters when pollution is at its max about which Mr Kejriwal said, “Government will procure the mask on a large scale and will distribute it among the people. It will be distributed in October as the smog from the stubble penetrates Delhi in November. N95 masks that are considered best are being procured”.

Odd-Even Rule to be Reintroduced in New Delhi from November 4
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