Pirelli Unveils Smart Cyber Tyres with 5G Network Connectivity

According to a press release by Pirelli, the brand has officially unveiled its new Smart Cyber Tyres which have been specifically designed to transfer road data over the fast 5G network. The brand introduced their concept at the 5G Automotive Association event in Turin, Italy where the demonstration of the tire’s vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology took place in front of the audience. In simpler terms, the Pirelli Smart Cyber Tyres can communicate with other vehicles as well over a 5G network and convey the potential accidental threats.

According to the reports, the brand had recently showcased a car equipped with Pirelli’s new Cyber Tyres which further sends the signal over a network whenever they come in contact with water or other such things that can cause the vehicle to lose traction. Whenever the tyres came in contact with the water, the tyres were able to immediately send a warning to the adjacent car equipped with V2X technology about the chances of a possible hydroplaning. The fastest 5G network further allows the cars to interpret the signal immediately without any delay.

Smart Cyber Tyres
Pirelli Unveils Smart Cyber Tyres with 5G Network Connectivity

The Pirelli Smart Cyber Tyres equipped on the cars with V2X technology can immediately sense the upcoming hazards while adjusting accordingly before the driver even sense the situation thereby gaining traction control at the appropriate time and avoiding major road accidents. The car-based AI system will track the message sent over the 5G network and will automatically tackle the situation according to the road conditions.

In addition to predicting the possible hazards, the technology can also track the type of the tyre model, the car’s mileage, tyre pressure and other riding statistics with the help of an internal sensor. The brand also promises the technology to be updated with more advanced features so as to communicate with traffic lights and determine the exact timings left for a signal to turn green.

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Though it seems to be one of the innovative solutions to make the vehicles much safer, one cannot expect the tyres to reach the Indian market anytime soon since there are no 5G connectivity options available in the country as of yet.

Image Source: Pirelli

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Pirelli Unveils Smart Cyber Tyres with 5G Network Connectivity
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