Renault-Nissan is Now the World’s Best-Selling Brand

Renault-Nissan is Now the World’s Best-Selling Brand, Beats Volkswagen and Toyota in Global Sales

Renault-Nissan alliance was recently declared the world’s largest automaker for first half of 2017. They reportedly sold 52,68,079 units from January to June, leaving both Volkswagen and Toyota behind for second and third slot respectively. Volkswagen sold 51,55,600 units in the same period while Toyota was slightly behind at 51,29,000 units.

Carlos Ghosn, CEO Renault Nissan alliance, has been working on both the brands from a long time and his dream of watching the brand win over other finally came true for the first half. If everything goes on same pace as before, no one can stop this alliance from breaking the 10 million sales barrier.

Carlos Ghosn, Renault-Nissan chairman, said: “The Alliance has delivered record sales during the first semester of 2017, reaching 5,268,079 vehicles sold. We will continue to leverage our significant economies of scale and global market presence to deliver valuable synergies for our member companies this year, while maintaining a strong technology line-up and offering customers breakthrough electric models.

“Our enlarged Alliance is well placed to realise its full potential, not only in terms of unit volumes, but also by providing next-generation mobility services to customers around the world.”

Renault-Nissan alliance comprises the Renault, Nissan, Alpine, Dacia, Datsun, Infiniti, Lada, Mitsubishi and Venucia brands. The alliance also reported sales of 480,000 electric vehicles, which is the highest of any automotive group in the world.

The number one brand actually expressed nothing on this achievement as they have even bigger plans of entering and capturing the future markets through electric vehicles and even more impressive technologies. They believe that would be their biggest win of all time.

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Some numbers on the internet claimed more units moving out of both Toyota and Volkswagen factories but none of them claimed sold in their statement. The cars that are sent out to dealers are not considered sold as final numbers are calculated from cars that moved out of those dealerships.

If Indian market for all three brands is considered, the number of units sold are just peanuts before these numbers. Renault is known for Kwid and Duster while Nissan Micra is the only car to fetch some numbers. Both the brands use India as a production hub, manufacturing few of its best seller here and exporting them to different nearby markets.

Volkswagen has some presence in sub 15 lakh cars while Toyota is well known for the segment that falls above INR 15 lakh. When comparing these three, Toyota has the most number of fans in India, buying more Innova Crysta and Fortuner than Renault Kwid or Volkswagen Polo.

Sales Figure Source: Forbes