Rolls-Royce Working on a Hybrid Electric Flying Taxi

Rolls-Royce has unveiled their plans to launch a flying taxi, an airborne product that can take off and land vertically. The luxury car and engine manufacturer has claimed that it will take less than five years for the plan to be operational and fully functional.

The hybrid electric vehicle will belong to EVTOL category of products and plans regarding the same were made official at Farnborough Airshow. The claimed range for the plane will fall around 800 kilometers while maximum flying speed will remain around 320 kph. The seating capacity will remain 4-5 passengers per plane.

Rolls Royce believes that city travel can be managed by the electric power, but long-distance commute can only be achieved through turbine engines at present moment. The hybrid setup can help reduce the use of fuel in these types of engines as, once the plane comes into a static state of power need, the contribution from the electric motor can be increased.

Flying Taxi
Rolls-Royce Working on a Hybrid Electric Flying Taxi

The brand is not the only one to enter the airborne passenger vehicle space as Uber, Google and many other tech giants have also proposed plans for future commute selection. As electric cars are gaining traction, electrification of all sectors will take place for sure.

Rolls-Royce is an expert in terms of engine manufacturing and making small jet engine won’t be a big challenge for them. They have spent millions of dollars on this research and getting a practical plane in 3-5 years is quite tempting. Also, early 2020’s will see other brands entering into new automotive dimensions.

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Rolls-Royce itself will be working on an electric car for the luxury car lovers, leaving behind their mammoth sized petrol engines in the upcoming decade for sure. Market experts believe that the 4-5 passenger limit can be increased to 10-15 passengers once the technology comes into working states and prove itself effective against rising traffic.

Rolls-Royce Working on a Hybrid Electric Flying Taxi
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