Sales Report: Top 50 Best-Selling Cars in India

August 2017 was one amazing month for car lovers. As GST benefits were purely available to all, numbers saw a positive trend for most top ranking cars. Not just that, the report of government reintroducing higher cess on SUVs brought more customer into the dealerships, pushing most high demand cars into long waiting periods.

Maruti Dzire ranked first among top selling cars with 30,934 units of sale. This number alone is higher than collective sales of all models of brands like Mahindra, Honda and Toyota. First six positions went into Maruti’s stable while next three were occupied by Hyundai. Tenth place was even under Maruti, making both of them uncrowned rulers among Indian cars.

Popular products like Jeep Compass, Renault Kwid, Tata Tiago and many others were able to fetch good number for their respective brands. SUVs may get costlier from September 9 and thus, most of these numbers will fall within the next sales report for September 2017. Here is a complete list of top 50 best selling cars of India:

Data Source: AutoPunditz

Sales Report: Top 50 Best-Selling Cars in India
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