Sony Surprises Everybody With Another 7-Seater Electric SUV

Back in 2020, Sony surprised everybody by debuting an electric car concept at CES. Well, it looks like lightning is going to strike twice because Sony is the company that is probably known best for TVs, cameras, and walkmans. Sony has created another electric concept that appears to be both awesome and bizarre. It looks like they’re very serious about actually building this one, the Sony Vision S02 concept, a curvaceous electric SUV.

In terms of dimensions, the Sony Vision S02 electric SUV measures 4,895mm in length, 1,930mm in width and 1,651mm in height, so it is roughly in the same class as Tesla’s Y, and it is powered by a pair of 200-kilowatt electric motors that generate around 272 horsepower. The battery capacity and range, which some people would consider the most important metrics when choosing an electric SUV, are not known yet. 

Inside, we’ve got a cabin that’s reconfigurable into four-seat or seven-seat configurations, and upfront, there is that big old full-width display that customers got to put their fingers on in the Sony Vision S01 concept two years ago. Other features include a 3-D audio system and an infotainment interface that can be used as a video display or for playing video games via remote connection to a Sony Playstation. It is one of those three displays bonded to one continuous glass panel that can be seen in a lot of concept cars and production cars these days. 

Sony, now that it has got two electric cars under its belt, has a full-blown mobility division on its hands, which it appropriately calls Sony Mobility, and it has expressed a very serious interest in building electric vehicles for consumers. Then again, we probably should have known that considering that, two years ago, it enlisted Magnus Steyr to make sure that the Vision S01 concept was actually roadworthy. It would have been a lot of effort for something they didn’t plan on actually building.

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