Tata Altroz Phoenix Edition Looks Stunning with Black-Red Interior

Tata Altroz is one of the best-selling cars by the brand in the country. Although Tata has built the car with such a design language that it looks fantastic in its stock edition, folks love to enhance the beauty by doing some aesthetic updates.

In the same way, a Tata Altroz iTurbo XZ+ petrol variant owner from Coimbatore opted for the modification and turned its stock hatchback into an absolutely new car in terms of appearance. They named this modified version the Phoenix Edition. The Youtube channel AutoTrend TV has posted the video of this modified Tata Altroz.

Custom body wrapping is the most observable element of this customization venture. The modifier has painted the car in random neon red patterns, which complements the grey and black camo and gives it an unexpectedly beautiful look.

It evokes a sense of adventure, wild nature, and being prepared for anything. In the stock edition, the car comes with some amazing paint schemes such as Arcade Grey, Downtown Red, Highstreet Gold, and Harbour Blue, but the customised Phoenix edition gets a different colour scheme.

Almost all of the chrome has been blacked out to increase the visibility of the contrast. The front and rear Tata logos, as well as other chrome accents on the grille, headlamps, alloy wheels, and the front end lower air dam, are all part of it.

The bumper at the back has also been blacked out. While the tail lamps remain in their stock configuration, the ‘Altroz’ emblem in chrome has been refinished in red. Another significant alteration to the sportier hatchback is the roof decal in a bright red shade. It is made up of two broad strips connected by an image of the Phoenix.

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Furthermore, the stock wheels have been replaced with larger 17-inch alloy wheels to add to the sportier appearance of this Tata Altroz iTurbo XZ+. These are fitted with low-profile tyres, which add to the hatch’s overall appearance and feel. The brake callipers have also been given the red colour code.

In terms of interior modification, the dashboard remains stock colour but the lower part of the dash and mid of the windows has been finished in bright red to match the exterior. Even the seatbelts are painted in bright red similar to premium sports cars. The roof-lining is of black suede now and the lighting console is also blacked. Aside from the cosmetic updates, no mechanical update has been noted.

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