India’s 1st Tesla Model X Arrives in Mumbai

The much anticipated Tesla Model X electric SUV has unofficially landed on the Indian shores. The SUV has been seen flaunting its Falcon-wing doors in all their glory in Mumbai. Known as the most quickest, safest and capable SUV, which does not even look like an SUV, Model X has been imported by some unknown owner.

The credits to the recently emerging photographs goes to Automobili Ardent : Petrolhead Lifestyle Facebook page. Though, the company has yet to decide its plans on the official launch, the SUV has already created ripples among the Tesla enthusiasts.

Tesla Model X
India’s 1st Tesla Model X Arrives in Mumbai

Tesla Model X is produced at Tesla’s Fremont factory in the US. The SUV is termed as the high rising S for its undenied familiar look with the model S. It boasts a cabin space for 7 passengers and the interior too is derived from the sedan.

The model X comes with an all wheel drive and features two electric motors – one at each axle. The one that drives the front wheels is rated at 259 PS while the rear-mounted unit delivers 503 PS. it is known to have a 967 Nm of combined torque output. The hardware of the SUV has been derived from the model X.

The performance packed vehicle comes with two variants: 90D and P90D. While the base 90D variant of the electric SUV can accelerate from 0-60 mph (96 kmph) in 4.8 seconds, the P90D variant is 1 sec quicker. The Ludicrous mode in P90D is capable of accelerating in just 3.2 seconds.

Tesla Model XThe SUV features standard active safety features and offers a top-speed of 250 kmph. It comes packed with advanced features such as the Auto Pilot semi autonomous driving system, Auto-Steer up to 90 mph, Auto Lane Change, Summon, Varying ride height , Impeccable music system, bio weapon-proof cabin, Automatic emergency braking and much more.

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Though, there have been no reports of the official launch, Elon Musk has stated that they have the plans to launch the model in the near future. Considering all the conversion rates, we can expect the prices to start from around INR 1 crore whenever launched in India.
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India’s 1st Tesla Model X Arrives in Mumbai
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