Top 10 Hybrid & Electric Cars in India

Hybrid and Electric cars are two extremely different categories of future products. As we all know that petrol/diesel won’t last forever, it is safe to assume that the upcoming decade will see a major switch from fuel to battery operated vehicles. They will not just cut down the emission of harmful gases by 100 percent but can help restore the environmental purity through lesser noise and distractions. Before we move further with the benefits and reasons for choosing one of these, an understanding to the concept behind hybrid cars is very important.

BMW i8 is the most-expensive Hybrid car on-sale in India

Hybrid is something that uses more than one source of energy to fulfill the purpose of driving. Most cars that fall in this category are equipped with a petrol/diesel motor that is generally smaller than the rivals for lesser emissions. In order to fulfill the power gap, manufacturers employ electric motors to take the figure up and fill the void created by that smaller engine. This helps brands keep mileage under check and fetch more buyers into the hybrid segment. This technology will successfully work till the complete takeover by electric cars.

Mahindra e2o Plus is the only full-electric car available in India
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Yes, electric cars are the only species of our loved four wheeled friends that will survive the mass extinction event of the next decade. Soon, you will miss that growling sounds from those multiple cylinder engines as electric cars are quite and much more gentle in every way.The only noise you may hear would be the friction between a tyre and earth’s surface (that too may leave with flying cars!). You can compare an electric car to your smartphone. Plug, use, replug and reuse. No need to visit a fuel station as your household plug is enough for the purpose.

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Lexus ES300H is priced @ INR 55.27 lakh

Indian market currently has only one fully electric product in the cars section. To your surprise, Mahindra e2O Plus is our indigenous Tesla Model 3 as they use the most effective technology to create this zero emission car for the masses. Mahindra uses an all electric drive-train to get 140 kilometer of driving range, that too with just 90 minutes of charging through a high speed charger. Future will see these turbochargers standing tall within parking areas where inserting coins would give you access to your car’s daily juice.

Honda recently launched the all-new Accord Hybrid in India

Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius and even the BMW i8 fall under the hybrid car list of India. They all have petrol engines under their hood and use electric motors, regenerative braking and start-stop systems in order to save some fuel. While the e2O Plus starts at INR 7.57 lakh, these cars are equipped with much more luxury and have around 6 times the price tag as the city hatchback. The BMW i8 is the most expensive one with INR 2.62 Crore of price tag. Toyota Camry is priced at INR 37.22 lakh for the Hybrid variant.

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid is available in India for INR 37.22 lakhs

It is actually hard to believe that we will move away from fossil fuel powered cars in this short interval but for the best of our planet, this needs to be done at an even faster pace than ever. Apart from these two types of cars, Indian market currently has another type of hybrid cars on sale. Maruti Ciaz, Mahindra Scorpio and Maruti Ertiga are three such cars that use start-stop system and helps in saving fuel in everyday driving.

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Maruti Suzuki Mild-Hybrid is priced @ INR 9.43 lakh for the base model

Here are top 10 cars to consider when going through hybrid and electric cars in India:

  1. Mahindra e2O Plus: INR 7.57 lakh – INR 11.27 lakh
  2. Maruti Ertiga: INR 8.57 lakh – INR 10.45 lakh
  3. Maruti Ciaz: INR 9.43 lakh – INR 11.44 lakh
  4. Mahindra Scorpio: INR 9.58 lakh – INR 15.01 lakh
  5. Toyota Camry: INR 37.22 lakh
  6. Honda Accord: INR 37 lakh (Pre-GST)
  7. Toyota Prius: INR 45.23 lakh
  8. Lexus ES300H: INR 55.27 lakh
  9. Volvo XC90 T8 Plug-In: INR 1.25 Crore
  10. BMW i8: INR 2.62 Crore

Above list is sorted according the price in ascending order

Top 10 Hybrid & Electric Cars in India
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