2019 Toyota Innova & Fortuner Gets Updated Interior in India

Toyota India has introduced new updated versions of its most famous models, Innova Crysta MPV and the Fortuner SUV. There aren’t any mechanical upgradations offered on the models though they have been equipped with few extra features. The 2019 Toyota Innova diesel is available at a starting price tag of INR 15.67 lakhs, going all the way up to INR 22.43 lakhs for the top spec variant while the 2019 Toyota Fortuner diesel can be availed at INR 29.84 lakhs for the base model. According to the reports, the former sells almost 7,000 units per month while the latter is good for 200 units per month.

2019 Toyota Innova Crysta
2019 Toyota Innova Crysta Gets Updated Interior

Taking the customer feedback in consideration, the brand has added various features to both the models where the 2019 Toyota Innova Crysta receives new ivory leather upholstery with a “Crysta” tag embossed on top, and the MPV also gets new perforated leather seats. The Innova Crysta now also features heat rejection glass and a USB fast charging port. All the new features are limited to the top spec diesel ZX and ZX AT variants only. In addition to these, the Innova Crysta Touring Sport also features the heat resistant glass and USB fast charging port.

2019 Toyota Fortuner
2019 Toyota Fortuner Gets Updated Interior

On the other hand, the 2019 Toyota Fortuner gets a new Chamois colour option for its interior in addition to the heat resistant glass and perforated leather seats. All these updates are again limited to the top spec diesel variants only.

2019 Toyota Innova MPV

Diesel Variants Price List

  • 2.4 G Plus MT (7-seater) – INR 15.67 lakh
  • 2.4 G Plus MT (8-seater) – INR 15.72 lakh
  • 2.4 GX MT (7-seater) – INR 16.10 lakh
  • 2.4 GX MT (8-seater) – INR 16.10 lakh
  • 2.4 VX MT (7-seater) – INR 19.27 lakh
  • 2.4 VX MT (8-seater) – INR 19.32 lakh
  • 2.4 ZX MT – INR 21.13 lakh
  • 2.8 GX AT (7-seater) – INR 17.46 lakh
  • 2.8 GX AT (8-seater – INR 17.51 lakh
  • 2.8 ZX AT – INR 22.43 lakh
  • 2.4 Touring Sport VX MT – INR 20.97 lakh
  • 2.8 Touring Sport ZX AT – INR 23.47 lakh
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2019 Toyota Fortuner SUV

Diesel Variants Price List

  • Fortuner 4×2 MT – INR 29.84 Lakh
  • Fortuner 4×2 AT – INR 31.70 Lakh
  • Fortuner 4×4 MT – INR 31.81 Lakh
  • Fortuner 4×4 AT – INR 33.60 Lakh

*Above mentioned prices are ex-showroom Delhi.

Toyota Innova Crysta
Toyota Innova Crysta
Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner