Uber Flying Taxis to Launch in Dubai & Texas by 2020

Autonomous technology may help us get a worry free moment on road in the near future but traffic congestion will not leave any human once the population shoots up to few more billions. The alternate mode of transport for this problem is through the air itself. A recent report in the automotive world confirms that Uber Flying Taxis are to be launched in Dubai and Texas by year 2020. The small electric aircraft to be used for the journey will charge $1.32 per mile initially.


Uber Flying Taxis to Launch in Dubai & Texas by 2020

Driving your own car and then finding a parking is a big problem in congested cities. Even if you travel by a taxi, it won’t be possible for you to reach on time or save some money. Flying taxi would cut the time that is wasted standing in queues and even help you fly right to the spot in a much safer way. The fares for these Taxis will reduce over time as more units will be added later to the fleet. The aircraft will work on Vertical Take-Off and Landing principal as a helicopter.


Apart from the flying Taxi concept, Dubai will even witness the use of autonomous one passenger drones this summer. This would be first of its kind service with no controls in the hands of passenger.


Dubai will also witness the use of autonomous Tesla cars as Taxis that would offer the option of entering the destination and driving the passengers straight to the point. All the activities regarding the flying drones are expected to start in the month of July this year.

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Tesla Autonomous Taxi in Dubai (Prototype Video)

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