US Military Buys GMC Hummer Electric SUV For Testing

Recently, the United States military bought the GMC Hummer electric SUV. GM Defence, the division of GM Motors, said that the US army asked for an EV for review and demonstration. According to the company, the Hummer EV will be supplied to the military on August 31st this year. Although the price of the SUV has not been revealed yet, it has been confirmed that only 1 unit has been purchased. 

According to reports, the US Army is looking into the use of battery-electric vehicles on the battlefield and in fortresses. In addition, the vehicle must demonstrate its capacity to create, store, and transfer electricity to the soldiers. The decision to test and demonstrate an electric vehicle is part of the army’s efforts to minimise its dependency on fossil fuels. The army will also use the onboard charger of the Hummer EV to power the equipment required by current soldiers.

The Hummer EV’s 120V power outlets can provide 3 kW of electricity, and it may be outfitted with a 6 kW, 240V outlet known as the Power Station to charge additional battery-powered cars. One of the main reasons the Army is interested in the Hummer EV is its performance. It is approximately 5 metres long and has a tri-motor Ultium Drive system capable of delivering up to 1,000 hp and a mind-boggling torque of more than 15,500 Nm. 

Notwithstanding its weight, it is touted to go from 0 to 96 kmph in just three seconds. The Hummer EV boasts a huge ground clearance of 404 mm, allowing it to handle any road or no road at all. The approach angle in Extract Mode is up to 49.7 degrees, while the departure angle is up to 38.4 degrees. Plus, as claimed by the manufacturer, it offers an EPA-rated driving range of 530 km on a single charge and allows DC rapid charging at 350 kW thanks to its 800 V battery design.

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