Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Officially Unveiled

Detroit Motor Show brings an all new Volkswagen Concept named ID Buzz to the readers. The retro modern minibus is based on the 1950 model but carries an all electric drivet-rain and all the advanced features that can be offered around the current technology. The four wheel drive MPV would make it to production around 2022 and brings maximum possible cabin space through car like architecture. It can seat up to 8 people through different layouts.


Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Officially Unveiled

The concept features 2 electric motors, one mounted at the front and second around the rear axle. Each motor has an individual capacity of 204 Hp but when combined, they provide 374 HP of maximum power to the MPV. The theoretical 0-100 kmph sprint time is claimed at 5 seconds while the top speed is limited to 161 kmph. The ID Buzz can also be bought with a rear wheel drive option with 272 HP of maximum power in the coming future.



ID Buzz claims 111 kWh battery that drives 599 kilometers in a single charge and claims zero emissions. It comes with autonomous capabilities which also include a 180 degree seat turnaround in Auto Pilot mode. The driver turns into a passenger and the car drives itself. The same will be made practical around 2025. It carries a series of scanners, radars and ultrasonic sensors for environment judgment. The dimensions for the ID Buzz are really impressive.


The car claims a length of 4941 mm while comes with 1976 mm and 1963 mm of width and height respectively. The 3300 mm of wheelbase makes it ultra luxurious on the inside while shorter overhangs increase its chances of driving over more kinds of surfaces. It comes with two separate luggage compartments and underpins the extended version of Volkswagen MEB platform. ID Buzz is one of the five concepts from VW that are based on all electric drivetrain.

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