Volkswagen Taigun Owner Facing AC Issues – Blows Hot Air In Traffic

Volkswagen Taigun was introduced in India in September of last year and immediately became the brand’s best-selling vehicle in our country. Volkswagen offers the SUV with two strong yet economical engine options, as well as a plethora of luxury features, good comfort, and an upmarket appearance.

However, reports of buyers being unsatisfied with the SUV’s AC performance have recently surfaced online. An owner describes the AC issue of his VW Taigun in the video shared by the YouTube channel ‘stuge234’, using a strapped digital thermometer to an AC vent to display the temperature. In the video, we notice the AC works fine when the car is going, but the problem emerges when the automobile faces bumper-to-bumper traffic.

We can see that the temperature quickly rises in stop-and-go traffic. The owner observes that the AC compressor shuts down quickly in traffic and that the fan speed sometimes varies on its own. We see the temperature in the video climbing to 32°C. According to the owner, this causes suffocation in the cabin because the windows remain closed in heavy traffic.

The executive replenished the refrigerant gas in the AC the first time the problem was reported to the service centre. However, the problem persisted, and the owner reported he has contacted customer service through email several times subsequently, but to no avail.

This is the ‘Topline 1.0-litre manual’ variation of the VW Taigun, acquired in May 2022. The AC problem isn’t unique, as several owners have reported identical issues with their Taigun SUVs on various online forums. Many customers have documented similar issues with the ŠKODA Slavia and Kushaq.

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Volkswagen India has previously prided itself on producing high-quality products, therefore it is unexpected to discover such concerns with its India-specific models. Given that Taigun is not an entry-level device, such sacrifices are extremely frustrating. Volkswagen Taigun prices range from Rs. 11.39 lakh to Rs. 18.59 lakh at the moment (ex-showroom, New Delhi).