Volkswagen Unveils a 2-door SUV Concept – The T-cross Breeze @ 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen unveiled an offbeat open-top SUV concept – The T-cross Breeze at the Geneva Motor Show, 2016. The SUV is based on the MBQ Polo platform, and the concept does give us a fair idea how the production version will look like.

The Breeze is aimed at regular city drivers looking for a fuel friendly convertible SUV. The car gets slim LED headlights and a streamlined front resembling the one seen on the Golf and Passat. The Volkswagen also gets a 300W Beats-Audio sound system, an active information display, human machine interface and predictive driving mode selection system.

In terms of dimensions, the car is 4,133 mm in length, 1,798 mm in width, 1,563 mm in height and stretches across a  wheelbase of 2,565 mm. It is reported that the breeze will be available in economic petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid engine variants. The production version of the T-cross will be placed below the Tiguan and Toureg. It’ll be interesting see how the Breeze is welcomed in the Open-top SUV segment currently dominated by the premium Range Rover Evoque convertible.

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