List of Top 5 Best Helmets in India Under INR 4000

Best Helmets Under INR 4000: When considering a helmet under INR 4000, buyers will mostly get models from brands like Studds, Steelbird and Vega. Raising the budget by few hundred rupees bring global brands like MT into the game. Still, for those who are planning to spend a max of INR 4000 on a helmet, here are five best options that fall under this budget.

Best Helmets Under INR 4000

  • SMK GL153 Dynomo
  • Shiro SH-119
  • Steelbird SBA-2 Robot
  • Vega Cara Madstar
  • Studds Shifter D1

# SMK GL153 Dynomo @ INR 3800 | Buy on Amazon

SMK GL153 Dynomo
SMK GL153 Dynomo @ INR 3800

This could be the best option to consider if you are under a strict budget of INR 4000. SMK offers class-leading features like UV resistant paint, double eye protection visor and removable nose guard. The liners are anti-allergic and washable. Buyers can consider the perfect one from small, medium and large size.

# Shiro SH-119 @ INR 3950 | Buy on Amazon

Shiro SH-119
Shiro SH-119 @ INR 3950

Available in medium, large and extra large size, Shiro SH-119 is an exclusive option that can be flipped for an open helmet feel. It has four air vents and comes with a dual visor for perfect protection on both modes. It is DOT and ECE certified.

# Steelbird SBA-2 Robot @ INR 2972 | Buy on Amazon

Steelbird SBA-2 Robot
Steelbird SBA-2 Robot @ INR 2972

SBA-2 Robot is the most impressive helmet design from Steelbird. It comes with an extra transparent visor for night use while rainbow visor comes as standard on the trendy model. It even gets a pollution protection mask with this package.

# Vega Cara Madstar @ INR 1794 | Buy on Amazon

Vega Cara Madstar
Vega Cara Madstar @ INR 1794

Vega offers the top spec Cara Madstar for buyers who need premium features like extra sun visor, extended air vents and nose protector as standard. It comes out to be the best design for a price around INR 2000.

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# Studds Shifter D1 @ INR 2165 | Buy on Amazon

Studds Shifter D1
Studds Shifter D1 @ INR 2165

Flagship Shifter series from Studds comes with additional features like sunlight protection, replaceable liners, quick release chin strap and UV resistant paint. Buyers can choose from a long list of graphics options.

List of Top 5 Best Helmets in India Under INR 4000
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