Meet LS2 Valiant Nucleus ‘Glow in the Dark’ Premium Helmet

LS2 Valiant Nucleus comes with a paint pattern that not just looks awesome in the daylight but, helps the rider stay safe at night with the glowing function. The LS2 Valiant is also available in solid colours like white, titanium, matt black, chrome, and other patterns. Nucleus has a green pattern that looks futuristic and shows LS2 branding along with Valiant written on the side. The helmet comes with interesting features like the back-flip jaw section that works 180-degree, dual visors that can act well when using the helmet in both modes (open/close) and air flow control through the dedicated vents.

The liner is removable, washable and feels premium in comparison to some of the renowned models. The inner visor can be changed from transparent to black and even sun-friendly photochromic. The back-flip design is unique in itself as most helmets follow the standard front flip option. The helmet is ECE-certified and weighs around 1700 grams. The helmet can be had in multiple sizes, ranging from XS to 3XL. The features like chin curtain, allergy-free lining, laser-cut foam, 2-step adjustable front vents, and exhaust vent make LS2 Valiant Nucleus a great option.

The visor on the helmet features a good amount of protection through anti-fog, UV resistant and scratch proof nature. The shell of the helmet comes with multi-density EPS and neck roll for higher than ever protection. The helmet can be ordered online through different sources but, the fact that need to be taken care of is that the buyer will need to pay the shipping cost applicable on international orders. The value will change according to the price of Euro and current price falls around INR 22,900 (direct conversion). The shipping varies from different sources. LS2 officially offers helmets from INR 5000-6000 in India.

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Meet LS2 Valiant Nucleus ‘Glow in the Dark’ Premium Helmet
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