Top 10 Helmets by EIMOR – Black Panther, Breathe, The Lady Rider, Phantom, Captain America & More!

Helmets are one of the vital pieces of protective gear that you need to strap on before riding a 2-wheeler. Being an essential part of the safety equation, they offer a sense of security, though one can always get them customized to turn heads on the road. EIMOR is one such house of custom paint jobs that can offer extraordinary design language to your helmet to stand them apart from the rest. Here are the top 10 best ever hand-painted helmets by EIMOR Customs.

Top 10 Hand-Painted Helmets

By EIMOR Customs, Hyderabad, India

1) Black Panther – The customizers have offered the aerodynamic shell-shaped AGV K3 helmet a Black Panther treatment. Inspired by the Black Panther, the heir to the ruling dynasty of Wakanda, the custom matte black helmet features intricate white patterns that give an almost similar outlook to that of the Black Panther mask.

The rear end of the helmet features a Black Panther graphic in the middle while the entire black graphics have been inspired by the patterns seen in the movie itself. The left edge of the helmet has been infused with EIMOR CUSTOMS branding. Specifically made for turning heads on the road, this helmet is no less than a beast.

2) Rocket – This Harley-Davidson helmet was brought to the customizers with several dents and scars from a long time of use. EIMOR Customs has refurbished the helmet with several interesting patterns in different shades of brown. The left side of the helmet gets a rocket symbol with the word “Rocket” infused near it while the right side gets a “wolves on wheels” badge. The rear end of the helmet gets a contrasting green pattern.

3) Helmets for India – The “Helmets for India” has been designed keeping in mind the Indian diversity. It features various intricate patterns in extraordinary shades of green, orange, and blue. The rear side of the helmet features the blue water waves while the orange monochrome patterns on the top add to its distinguished appeal.

4) Panthera – For this, the customizers have offered a gold leaf job on the Indian helmet. There are 5 tigers and 6 elephants forming chains on the left and right side respectively. On the left side, there is a sun made of tiger nails and the face of a tiger can be seen. On the right-hand side, we can see a frame made of tusks and a tusker can be seen walking graciously. The rear of the helmet features an “Indian Motorcycles Riders Group” logo.

5) Breathe – Offering a new life to an old helmet, Breathe by EIMOR is inspired by regeneration. The old AGV helmet was given to the customizers with deep scratches and dents while EIMOR Customs redesigned it with a custom matte white and grey paint job. The top of the helmet features a black and white monochrome design while the compact rear spoiler has been painted yellow. The customizers have infused the helmet with the “Breathe” moniker at the rear end.

6) The Lady Rider – With textured grey and hot pink treatment, the “Lady Rider” is something out of the world. The intricate patterns running at the side includes all the details of a woman’s wardrobe with several motorcycles designs. The rear end of the helmet features a Tower graffiti with a woman rider in heels posing with her motorcycle.

7) Captain America – One of the best hand-painted helmets by EIMOR Customs, this one is capable of stealing the hearts of millions of Marvel fans. The whole helmet has been given a white-grey treatment while the rear right side features Captain America with his famous shield. The contrasting shield design gives the helmet an attractive look, worthy enough to grab attention on the road.

8) Red Indian War Bonnet – This one features Indian War Bonnets, which are feathered headgear traditionally worn by leaders. The rear of the helmet features an angry wolf wearing a dream-catcher. The entire look of the helmet shrieks of tribal fantasies.

9) War Theme Helmet – Another one inspired by the war, this helmet features commanding troops fighting for their lives on the battlefield with their armed weapons. The entire outlook of the helmet has been infused with dusky brown patterns to give a clear resemblance to the battleground.

10) The Phantom – The Phantom themed-helmet has been beautifully designed with intricate patterns. One side of the helmet features Phantom, the fictional crime-fighter while the other side features a burning skull symbol. The rear end of the helmet also features Phantom fighting crime on its horse and following the evil wolf.

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