Top 5 Royal Enfield Helmets Under INR 7000 in India

Royal Enfield is offering the largest available helmet collection among all brands. The huge collection contains matching colours to the specific-variants and more than that, multiple sizes to fit comfortably on the head. Here are the top 5 Royal Enfield helmets that you can buy in India.

Top 5 Royal Enfield Helmets

1) Open-Face Tan Helmet @ INR 6500

Royal Enfield Open Face Tan Helmet
Royal Enfield Open-Face Tan Helmet @ INR 6500

As the name suggests, the Royal Enfield open-face tan helmet comes with a tan-finished body and neat stitching through the surface. The helmet is ISI and DOT certified, weighing just 950 grams for the ease of operations. The inner lining is also finished in the tan shade while the outer shell gets leather-finish for the premium look. The vintage finish will look perfect with a black Royal Enfield motorcycle. Buy on Amazon

2) Street Nimbus Helmet @ INR 4200

Royal Enfield Street Nimbus
Royal Enfield Street Nimbus Helmet @ INR 4200

The full-face helmet may not be the first choice of Royal Enfield riders but the design helps the rider stay safe from insects, wind or dust coming from the front. It has effective cooling channels and comes with washable comfort liners for the fresh feel. Buy on Amazon

3) Spirit Helmet @ INR 2700

Royal Enfield Spirit Helmet
Royal Enfield Spirit Helmet @ INR 2700

This helmet is based on the same design as an open-face helmet but pairs a full eye protection setup with a movable transparent visor like the full-face helmet. It comes with both ISI and DOT certification while the visor offers UV protection. Buy on Amazon

4) HEA150002 Open Face Helmet @ INR 2400

Royal Enfield HEA150002 Open Face Helmet @ INR 2400

HEA150002 open face helmet comes with a cap-like extension seen on the headlight of most Royal Enfield motorcycles. It is affordable in comparison and comes with the same levels of protection as other open face options. The colour options are also very attractive. Buy on Amazon

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5) Drifter Helmet @ INR 3500

Royal Enfield Drifter Helmet @ INR 3500

Drifter has a unique design with full-face design and extra-large visor for added visibility. Once the visor is lifted up, the thin chin area can be seen as an exclusive design element. It is safe, fashionable and certified from both ISI as well as DOT. However, the weight is slightly on the higher side at 1450 grams. Buy on Amazon

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Top 5 Royal Enfield Helmets Under INR 7000 in India
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