Vega Mount DV Helmet Launched in India @ INR 1844

Vega Mount DV helmet has been recently launched in India. The helmet can be availed in multiple colour variants while the price range starts from INR 1,844 going all the way up to INR 2,096 for the ones featuring neon graphic detailing. Featuring an aerodynamic shade, the DV helmet is further made up of high impact ABS material shell.

One of the best helmets a rider can buy under INR 2,500, the Vega Mount DV is an ISI certified helmet that weighs around 1050 grams. Equipped with a quick-release visor mechanism, the customers can choose between three available visors namely Clear, Smoke, and Mercury.

All the colour variants of the Vega Mount DV helmet feature a scratch and UV resistant visor made up of optical polycarbonate. In addition to this, the brand has also equipped the helmet with a secondary sun visor that is made up of tinted polycarbonate, perfect for protecting the eyes from harmful sun radiations. The customers can also avail the Vega Mount DV helmet at Amazon India. The website has listed the helmet in multiple colour variants.

Coming to the comfort, the helmet has been equipped with 9 vents in total. The mouth vent features a honeycomb design at the front while the helmet features two air inlet vents at the side as well as the top. In addition to this, the helmet also features two exhaust vents situated at the rear and bottom respectively. Here are all the colour variants available for the Vega DV helmet in India.

Vega Mount DV Price List

Basic Colours – INR 1844

  1. Anthracite
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Red
  5. White
  6. Dull Anthracite
  7. Dull Battle Green
  8. Dull Black
  9. Dull Blue
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Dual-Tone Colours – INR 1898

  1. Dull Black with Orange
  2. Dull Black wit Red
  3. Dull Black with Yellow
  4. Dull Black with Green

Graphic Colours – INR 2096

Lemon Shark Series

  1. Lemon Shark Black Neon Yellow
  2. Lemon Shark Black Red
  3. Lemon Shark Black Orange
  4. Lemon Shark Dull Black Neon Yellow
  5. Lemon Shark Dull Black Orange
  6. Lemon Shark Dull Black Red

Graphic Colours – INR 2096

MAX Series

  1. MAX Black Anthracite
  2. MAX Black Red
  3. MAX Black Orange
  4. MAX Black Neon Yellow
  5. MAX Dull Black Neon Yellow
  6. MAX Dull Black Orange
  7. MAX Dull Black Red

Graphic Colours – INR 2096


  1. MXDIRT Black Neon Yellow
  2. MXDIRT Black Orange
  3. MXDIRT Black Silver
  4. MXDIRT Dull Black Neon Yellow
  5. MXDIRT Dull Black Orange
  6. MXDIRT Dull Black Red
  7. MXDIRT Dull Black Silver
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Vega Mount DV Helmet Launched in India @ INR 1844
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