24K Gold Plated Apple iPhone XS Max for Rs 3.57 Lakh by Truly Exquisite

Truly Exquisite is now offering custom luxury iPhone XS Max in all its storage options. The Croco Edition is the most expensive offering by the brand, which uses genuine crocodile leather and is fully plated with 24K Gold on the sides and the rear panel, which are both made out of stainless steel and aluminium. The crocodile leather that is used on the phone comes in four different colours, blue, green, red, and black. The customized luxury phone will be available unlocked and will work on any network in the world. Accenting the luxury of the phone, it will be delivered in a wooden gift box with all the standard accessories which are provided by Apple. Included in the purchase will be a Truly Exquisite Authenticity card along with free worldwide insured shipping as well.

Since the rear glass panel has been swapped out for an aluminium one and plated with gold, the wireless charging will not work on the custom iPhone XS Max. Other things which will be affected will include the splash, water, and dust resistance, thereby rendering the IP68 rating useless on the phone. The customizer claims that the plating that they use is superior to most other vendors in the world and the 5-micron thickness of the plating does not require any additional protective coating as well. Truly Exquisite also claims that the plating will not fade on the phone, unlike most other plated phones that are sold.

The specifications on the phone remain the same except for the wireless charging and the IP68 rating. Other than that, there is a slight increase in the thickness and weight of the phone as well due to the plating and the leather. The price of the 24K Gold Plated Apple iPhone XS Max Croco Edition starts from £3,750 which roughly converts to INR 3.57 lakh for the 64GB variant. Apart from the base price, taxes and customs duties will also be levied on the phone. The phone maxes out at £4,050 which converts to INR 3.85 lakh for the 512GB variant. The shipping of the phone will be included in the price.

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24K Gold Plated Apple iPhone XS Max for Rs 3.57 Lakh by Truly Exquisite
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