Apple iPhone 13 Smartphone Users Facing Pink Screen Issue

The iPhone 13’s pink screen issue has created a ruckus over the internet. Some iPhone 13 as well as iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max users are complaining about the mobile screen turning pink for no apparent reason, and the terrible thing is that the problem is a constant one. Affected users have already reported the issue to Apple’s Support Community Forum and other online platforms.

While the brand has stated that the problem is on their notice and they are working to fix this issue since this is a software problem, not a hardware one. However, according to the sources, this is not the first time that users have reported such an issue. In October, an iPhone 13 Pro user complained that his phone screen was turning pink for a few seconds causing a random crash.

As a solution to the issue, the user received a replacement, but when other users began complaining about it on the Apple Community Forums and Reddit, Apple has yet to respond. Nevertheless, according to MyDrivers, an Apple customer support executive was quoted in a Weibo post as saying that the company is aware of the issue and that it is resulting in the screen turning pink due to a software issue.

As per the report, the customer service representative advised the users to install the most recent update available after backing up their data and updating all installed apps to rule out any incompatibility between an app version and the iOS build that is causing the issue.

Source: NDTV

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