Apple iPhone Price Dropped in India by up to INR 17,000

Apple iPhone Price Dropped in India: Apple has considerably dropped prices for most of the iPhone models, especially those which are more than one generation older than the celebrated iPhone X. They have removed the pricing of iPhone SE, 6 and 6 Plus from the official website, starting the present range from INR 29,900 for the 32GB variant of iPhone 6S. The phone got INR 13,000 worth price cut for 32GB and INR 12,200 for the 128GB variant. iPhone 6S Plus got INR 17,340 of price reduction for the 32GB and INR 16,550 for the 128GB variant.

Apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone X

iPhone 7, the popular model for its value for money approach, now costs INR 39,900. The amount is much lower (INR 12,470) than the older price tag. Almost similar amount of price difference is found in the remaining three variants of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus family. Last year’s flagship devices, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, are now more affordable by INR 8000 from their earlier price tags. iPhone X got the minimum reduction in price, getting INR 91,900 as its price for the 64GB and INR 1,06,900 for the 256GB variant.

iPhone Price Dropped in India

Old Price vs. New Price

Model Old Price New Price
iPhone 6S 32GB INR 42,900 INR 29,900
iPhone 6S 128GB INR 52,100 INR 39,900
iPhone 6S+ 32GB INR 52,240 INR 34,900
iPhone 6S+ 128GB INR 61,450 INR 44,900
iPhone 7 32GB INR 52,370 INR 39,900
iPhone 7 128GB INR 61,560 INR 49,900
iPhone 7+ 32GB INR 62,840 INR 49,900
iPhone 7+ 128GB INR 72,060 INR 59,900
iPhone 8 64GB INR 67,940 INR 59,900
iPhone 8 256GB INR 81,500 INR 74,900
iPhone 8+ 64GB INR 77,560 INR 69,900
iPhone 8+ 256GB INR 91,110 INR 84,900
iPhone X 64GB INR 95,390 INR 91,900
iPhone X 256GB INR 1,08,930 INR 1,06,900
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*The availability of iPhone 6S may vary on the basis of stock left. All prices mentioned here are according to the official website of Apple India.

The present generation iPhones are priced from INR 76,900 for XR, INR 99,900 for XS and INR 1,09,900 for the XS Max. The top-spec iPhone XS Max costs INR 1,44,900.

Apple iPhone XR
Apple iPhone XR

iPhone XR Price List

  • iPhone XR 64GB: INR 76,900
  • iPhone XR 128GB: INR 81,900
  • iPhone XR 256GB: INR 91,900
Apple iPhone XS
Apple iPhone XS

iPhone XS Price List

  • iPhone XS 64GB: INR 99,900
  • iPhone XS 256GB: INR 1,14,900
  • iPhone XS 512GB: INR 1,34,900
  • iPhone XS Max 64GB: INR 1,09,900
  • iPhone XS Max 256GB: INR 1,24,900
  • iPhone XS Max 512GB: INR 1,44,900

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