US Agencies Investigate Apple over iPhone Slowdown

Apple iPhone Slowdown: Apple recently landed in a problem with its remark regarding slowing down the older iPhones for saving battery life. They have confessed that updates pushed on to old devices have degraded their overall performance.

Not just that, a statement from Apple now clears that they will allow users to turn off this feature from every future update pushed to their devices. Their official apology in December brought more problems as they are now being questioned by various US federal agencies.

They have even claimed that production of iPhone X will be reduced to half of present number as sales were not that impressive as expected. On the other hand, Samsung seems worried as this step will cut their profits as supply of OLED screen will also reduce to just 50%.

iPhone Slowdown
US Agencies Investigate Apple over iPhone Slowdown

Apple is one of the most valuable brand worldwide as they sell almost 180-200 million phones on average every year. They were blamed of willingly slowing down older iPhone models so that buyers are pushed into buying new ones for hassle free use.

This is not the first time when Apple is under legal problem as they have certain other cases of patent infringement with brands like Samsung, Qualcomm and more. Apple was the second best selling brand worldwide after Samsung. In India, it seems well established but has not appeared in top 5 list of highest selling brands. Majority of iPhone sales comes from from developed markets.

Apple has clarified every time that they have been doing this to improve the life of iPhone as battery strength keeps going down by passing days. France is currently investigating that Apple may have harmed the consumers and their protection is government’s primary purpose. Lawyers in US are preparing for bigger lawsuits that will be filed on the behalf of millions of iPhone users of their country.

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US Agencies Investigate Apple over iPhone Slowdown
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