Apple iPhone X Explodes While Updating to iOS 12.1 (Detailed Report)

An Apple iPhone user from Washington complained that his 10-month old iPhone X exploded after getting extremely hot while installing an official software update. The phone was getting charged while the updates were installing normally. As soon as the process got completed, the phone started emitting smoke and caught fire in a matter of seconds. Here is his official statement regarding the incident.

“This year early January I bought the iPhone and have been using it normally.” he said. The iPhone X was in process of getting updated to iOS 12.1 when, Mohamadali says, he put it on charging. At a later stage, he says, “Dark grey smoke started coming from the phone. The update was completed and as soon as the phone turned on it started to smoke and caught fire.”

Rocky Mohamadali claimed (Tweet) that he was using original accessories for charging the device, with the cable removed from the phone just a few moments before it caught fire. After removing the cable, he said it was impossible to hold the phone due to such high body temperature. As the fall completed, grey smoke started coming out of the device. Apple has promised a detailed investigation into the matter.

The iPhone X has now been discontinued from most markets. Apple has cleared the fact that it could be a problem with this single unit as the process of upgrading the iOS to 12.1 has no such hidden issues. The investigation with further reveal what external or internal circumstances forced the phone to get hot and explode after such a long time. The design of iPhone X is the base for present generation devices. Apple iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max are all available with notch display and similar design lines. The first one carries LCD panel while other two still offer OLED display.

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Apple iPhone X Explodes While Updating to iOS 12.1 (Detailed Report)
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