Meet Apple Card: A Credit Card with No Fees and Daily Rewards

Apple has introduced a new kind of credit card, that goes by the name Apple Card,  which specifically compels you to rethink everything about a credit card. Offering a similar experience to the users like the Apple Pay, this physical credit card is synced with the Apple wallet of an iPhone user. The card will be available in the United States in the summer while there hasn’t been any news regarding its launch in India. There are no annual or International fees associated with the Apple Card while the user also gets a variety of payment options and can also calculate the impending interest on the same. The brand has also introduced a Titanium Apple Card for the shopping locations not accepting Apple Pay.

The Apple Card users can sign up for the card in their iPhone’s wallet application where they will be issued a unique card number. The Apple Card can be used anywhere to make payments or purchases online just like Apple Pay though keeping in consideration the security, the mechanisms to keep the unique card number encrypted is rather secure. Some of the best features of the Apple card includes lesser interests on payments, simple application process and a secure payment network. In addition to this, the Apple card also offers various rewards programs which include cash back as well as 2% of Daily cash for every purchase made with Apple Card via Apple Pay. The users can also avail a 3% cashback on their purchases at every online and offline Apple store.

Apple uses machine learning for simplifying the payments history as well as offers the users with a clear spending summary at the end of the week or a month to help manage their finances better. In addition to this, Apple has also partnered with Goldman Sachs as well as Mastercard for Global bank supports for the payments. According to the brand, their card is one of the most secure credit card ever introduced that is void of any physical theft.

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Meet Apple Card: A Credit Card with No Fees and Daily Rewards
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