KTM Pro-XP Smartphone App Launched in India – Here are the Key Features

In collaboration with KTM, KOGO, also the official rider connects platform for India Bike Week (IBW) 2021, has developed a new smartphone application and taken a step forward towards Digital India. This app is designed to be the KTM owner’s go-to app for all pro-biking endeavours. By using this application, KTM riders get to share their riding experiences, connect with fellow KTM riders, book their upcoming KTM adventure rides, and much more, all via this KTM Pro-XP App. 

The Wild Ride Challenge, which will award the top ten riders who travel the longest routes to IBW 2021, was just announced by KOGO. A cash prize of Rs. 15,000 is awarded to the winner, the runner-up gets Rs. 12,000, while the rider who is placed third will receive Rs. 8,000. In addition to that, the application will also allow riders to book their entry into KTM’s Pro-XP events, which offer offroading, trail riding, and touring experience. The application provides an opportunity for the customers to record and track the ride. Moreover, it offers the rider’s information such as distance and saddle height. They can connect, interact, follow and share their riding experience with their fellow KTM riders. 

Bajaj Auto’s President claimed that the application is specially designed for the new age of bikers to boost their biking experience by sharing their riding experience, connecting with other bikers, and learning how their ride went. The application also allows the bike owners to participate in the events organised by KTM and record their special moments. The KTM Pro-XP App is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free and can be downloaded by keen owners.

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