Light is Working on a Smartphone with 9 Cameras

Light came under the spotlight when it launched a 16-lens camera in one pocket-sized device. Although the device did not fair well with the market, given its high price of nearly $2,000 and a poor software taking limbo quality images, the idea was quite innovative.

The company decided to attack another market and according to reports from The Washington Post, they are working on a prototype smartphone which will feature 9 camera lenses at the rear of the phone. The prototype, according to the report, is not just a dummy design but a working model. The report also suggests that the company is also experimenting with phones with a minimum of 5 working imaging modules on one smartphone.

Light has claimed that the smartphone with the 9 camera lenses can shoot up to 64 megapixels shots and the low-light performance and depth perception of the camera is quite marvellous as well. The depth perception on the smartphone will probably be an inspiration from the portrait mode that is currently available on many flagship devices.

Light Smartphone
Light is Working on a Smartphone with 9 Cameras

When Light launched their 16-lens camera, the sheer quality of the images made it clear that it was not worth choosing over any smartphone camera. So when the company made its intentions to enter the smartphone market clear, it seemed like a natural fit.

Certain unique things in a smartphone is what an average user is looking for and camera happens to be one of those things. Novelty features like an increased number of lens is what is improving the sales of the dual-camera phones.

When the different smartphone companies were busy introducing the dual-camera setup in their products, Huawei came out with the P20 Pro, featuring a triple-camera setup on the rear for the first time. The race for the cameras on the smartphone had long begun and Light’s entrance into it may just serve as a revolutionary move.

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