Nothing Phone (1) Glyph Interface – All You Need to Know

Until about a week ago, ‘Nothing’ was gradually generating interest for its future smartphone, the Phone (1), by trickling out little pieces of Nothing to its fans and supporters. Everything changed when Nothing wanted to show its smartphone’s party trick at a live event. Thanks to a new video provided by MKBHD, we now know a bit more about the phone and its LEDs.

MKBHD had exclusive access to the Phone (1) and demonstrated the functionality of the LEDs. While the front resembles a standard Android smartphone (but with equal bezels), the back is distinctive. Phone 1’s most distinctive feature is not its clear back, but its LEDs.

The phone’s unique pattern, known as the Glyph Interface, is created with just over 900 LEDs. A small C-shaped pattern surrounds the camera, and a bigger C-shaped pattern surrounds the wireless charging pad. There is also an exclamation mark-like form near the bottom and a dash in the top right-hand corner.

The Glyph Interface has functionality; LEDs will pulse if you receive an incoming notification, and it can also flash when you charge wirelessly. The lights can also display the status of your charge, allowing you to see how much of the battery is charged without having to switch on the display. The LEDs do not remain illuminated indefinitely and can be revived simply by wiggling the phone.

Glyph Interface will include ten ringtones as well as synchronised LED patterns. Users will also be able to associate specific light patterns with individual contacts. We can also do customizations within programmes, providing users with an indication of the type of notification received.

While it may appear dull, this is significant, since it is in a way the evolution of the notification LED. When taking images or videos, we can even use the Glyph Interface as a fill light. Finally, there is a blinking red LED that shows others when you are filming.