OnePlus Partners with Bajaj Electronics to Expand its Offline Presence

OnePlus is all set for its offline expansion that will happen in association with Bajaj electronics. OnePlus handsets were earlier available only on online stores. The company then opened an experience store and started selling there as well.

OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone brand which has managed to mark its name in the business of innovative smartphones. This partnership between OnePlus and Bajaj Electronics in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will give the interested buyers liberty to buy their desired OnePlus handset at stores that are a few steps away.

The company also came up with its Research and Development centre in Hyderabad that was opened recently where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will have dominance and will play a crucial role in triggering ideas and innovations that can relate with the thought process of ordinary Indian people. The company is also willing to open its flagship building at Hyderabad which may contain around six storeys and can expand in an area around 16,000 sq ft.

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About the event, OnePlus India’s General Manager passed a statement in which he said that Indian thought processes are different when it comes to decisions regarding buying. They mostly prefer first-hand handsets. The company wishes to set a strong offline base to better associate with its customers.

Bajaj Electronics CEO Karan Bajaj also shared his happiness on associating with one of the leading brands of the smartphone business, OnePlus, to which he added that his company has been dominating in areas like mobiles, electronics and home appliances as well when it comes to its market base in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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This partnership to sell the OnePlus smartphone series at the offline stores will prove beneficial for Bajaj Electronics’ brand value also. The interested buyers will soon be able to check out their favourite OnePlus handsets at the Bajaj Electronics’ showrooms across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.