Samsung Galaxy X1 Foldable Smartphone Leaked

Samsung was working on a foldable touchscreen smartphone from a long time but there were no hints of its presence. Recently, two leaked images clearly define the status of the smartphone that will be branded under under the Galaxy X series. Instead of making just a single model, Samsung has worked out on two different models with official named SM-X9000 and SM-X9050.


Samsung Galaxy X1 Foldable Smartphone Leaked

(Weibo Post)

The first name is for Galaxy X1 while the second one is Galaxy X1 Plus. The Weibo post even clarifies that the SM-X9000 is using android version 6.0 while the SM-X9050 will be running on android version 7.0. The models are running under project valley within Samsung while the ‘firmness and flexibility’ words define the character of the upcoming phone.


Samsung Galaxy X1 Patent Images

The device is expected to carry enhanced safety features like fingerprint sensor and face recognition. The recent rumor says that the phone will be official around end 2017. Samsung has filed patents for flexible display in the US and the smartphone is expected to come with a flexible/bendable  part in the center. The phones are expected to carry a different aspect ratio and the display is expected to boast a 4K resolution.


Samsung Galaxy X1 Prototype Image

Source: GSM Arena | Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3

Samsung Galaxy X1 Foldable Smartphone Leaked
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