Meet Custom Built Yamaha R15 VENOM by TwentyTwo Customs

Ever imagined what Yamaha R15 would look like if it suddenly plans to lose some weight? The closest possible answer is R15 VENOM, a custom built street bike that is now more biased toward the concept design language with minimum parts and track-only status. The loss of stock headlight and performance enhancing exhaust results in the R15 VENOM being not suitable for road use. Apart from the frame, seats and fuel tank on the same, VENOM loses every other plastic part that earlier fitted around the body for effective aerodynamic performance. Currently, it feels more like a drag race machine.

Even the front and rear fenders were removed to make R15 VENOM as light as possible. The stock alloy wheels are seen with a different paint scheme for the front and rear end. The exhaust pipe is completely insulated with a heat resisting tape while knuckle guards were added to complement the flat front fascia with a white stripe running through it. The frame now handles a fog light fitted to the right side while the radiator is totally exposed and seen without any protector or cover. R15 VENOM is based on the second generation variant, known precisely for its higher than usual rear seat height.

R15 VENOM is fitted with thick tread tyres and offer stock disc brakes at both ends. The V3 comes with bigger 282mm front brake while the one seen here on the motorcycle measures 267mm. A stock Yamaha R15 V2 comes with 149cc, single cylinder engine, producing 17 PS of maximum power and 15 Nm of torque. The value remains similar for the torque in both V3 and V2 models but power increase is clearly visible for the R15 V3 (19.3 PS). The price difference between both the models (when V2 was available) is again justified by adding equipment like LED lights and slipper clutch.

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Meet Custom Built Yamaha R15 VENOM by TwentyTwo Customs
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