Meet Harley-Davidson Street 750 Flat Tracker by See See Motorcycles

This typical Harley-Davidson Street 750 Flat Tracker, better known as Thor’s Hammer, carries a heart warming story with itself. The motorcycle has never been used in the Marvel franchise, nor has it been in the personal collection of the mighty Thor. The name is here as the man who built it is named Thor Drake by his parents. A professional bike builder and racer, Thor believes that Street 750 is an awesome machine whose actual potential is buried under the government rules and regulations that needs hundreds of useless parts on its body.


The builder knows the fact well that Harley Davidson makes excellent engines and getting a six speed gearbox in even more interesting on such powerful machine. He simply unplugged six connectors and six bolts in order to pull the engine out of the motorcycle. The injectors were still attached to the engine. After getting the engine out, they simply removed everything from its frame. Thor fitted a high flow air filter, custom designed exhaust system and did a ECU Harley Stage 1 flash for better fuel delivery and improved performance.


The front forks, frame and everything was more or less kept the same while the position of front suspension was changed for Flat Track race class bike building. It did not let the fat tyre enter into the section and hence, Yamaha R6 sourced forks were used in its place in later stage. The rear shocks were replaced with Fox Racing 13 inch units for superb handling. Extra frame brackets were removed and 20 pounds of weight was saved in that only. The tyres here are 19 inch and further helps in getting through the strict racing needs on the bike.

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Drastic changes were made all over as the stock fuel tank was replaced with a Harley tear drop tank of the 80’s. The weight reduction is typically visible while custom parts improved the performance by an even considerable margin. Thor further worked on the braking, which is actually nothing more than a free floating Brembo disc on the rear wheel. He fitted few LED lights at both ends and number plate holder for making the machine road legal. He just simply fit a front brake and ride it anywhere, although it has been very useful in wining flat track races in last few months.





Photos & Data Source: BikeEXIF