Meet Dopamine: Royal Enfield Machismo 500 Custom Bobber by Lazybone Motorcycles

Royal Enfield Machismo 500 Custom Bobber by Lazybone Motorcycles

Company Overview

For over three years now, Lazybone Motorcycles has been exclusively customizing and revamping Royal Enfield bikes. The core approach towards the final model is to keep the design minimalistic and ride-able.


Even though it is hard to pick the best type of custom bike, the Bobber has always been a close -to- heart favorite. You can call it the scooter of motorcycles, something that is cool and breezy to ride compared to other mean and heavy designs.

As a hardcore enthusiast of Japanese style bobbers that are minimalistic and subtle, this 500cc Machismo AVL from Royal Enfield which is getting rare now after company discontinued it in 2009 has been turned into such a design and rightly named Dopamine.

‘Dopamine’ is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. It also helps regulate movement and emotional responses. Such is the idea behind the concept of this bike too. A bike that releases your happy element while riding and even with its visual beauty.

A pug has been chosen as the mascot for this particular design as bobbers often remind me of this breed of dogs- chubby, subtle and laid back.

Royal Enfield Machismo 500 Custom Bobber
Meet Dopamine: Royal Enfield Machismo 500 Custom Bobber by Lazybone Motorcycles

The Design

Dopamine is your usual bobber with chunky tires and chopped- off mudguards. Having said this, the design also maintains the original form of a Royal Enfield bike. This is to show that minimalism doesn’t need to be as few as possible rather making few changes without losing the originality.

Physical Details of the Bike

With regards to the physical design, the bike displays an affinity to the original factory parts. The head of the bike has been built from scratch with a few changes to the original dimensions to accommodate the fatter front tire. The design also retains the original RE Tiger Headlamp. The overall design draws special attention to the fact that personally customizing a bike shouldn’t take away the importance of it’s factory parts.

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For further inquiries and pricing details, you can contact:

Lazybone Motorcycles (Mumbai)

Contact Person: Harish Poduval
Phone Number: +91 96196 96715
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Machismo 500 Custom Bobber