Hero Karizma Modified to Look Like a Suzuki Hayabusa

Building a Suzuki Hayabusa replica is one serious job and GM Custom from Delhi show us how perfectly they could do this for rest of their life. Believe me or not, the motorcycle you are looking at is actually a Hayabusa replica that is based on either a Hero Karizma ZMR.

Even we we shocked to see how close they went to the original design. In other words, motorcycle haters may even get surprised to see so many Hayabusa’s around in the coming months. Shockingly, it even has the same instrument console as original Hayabusa.

The kit from GM Custom includes full body fairing, front and rear lights, wide tyres and almost everything one can expect on stock Hayabusa. Using the same disc brake as Karizma actually reveals its identity on the first look.

Suzuki Hayabusa has huge disc brakes that cover almost the entire alloy wheel. Still, the deal seems mouth watering as one gets the closest cousin to Hayabusa for a fraction of its price. What seems fishy is that how the small engines from both the bikes will pull this heavy bike with such huge wheels.

Suzuki Hayabusa is powered by a massive 1340cc, 4-cylinder engine producing 197 BHP @ 9500 rpm and 155 Nm @ 7200 rpm. Hayabusa weighs 266 kg, making it quite heavy when compared to standard bikes with liter class engines and around 200 kg of weight. Suzuki Hayabusa claims a top speed of 312 kmph, sprinting from 0-100 kph in just 3 seconds and reaching 300 kmph in just 25.4 seconds.

For further inquiries and pricing details, you can contact GM Custom on Facebook

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Hero Karizma Modified to Look Like a Suzuki Hayabusa
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