Impressively Modified Bajaj Pulsar NS200 by Judho Pralistyo (Indonesia)

Impressively Modified Bajaj Pulsar NS200 by Judho Pralistyo: Bajaj Pulsar NS200 comes with a benchmark naked street fighter design for the Indian market. The high stance, minimal fairing and an aggressive front fascia makes it the best design around INR 1 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Not just that, the same motorcycle carries loads of modification possibilities with one such example seen coming straight from Indonesia. This typical NS200 is the best ever modified version of a naked motorcycle, infusing the KTM bloodline into this Pulsar. Everything has been carefully selected for this beast.

Modified Bajaj Pulsar NS200
Impressively Modified Bajaj Pulsar NS200 by Judho Pralistyo (Indonesia)

Starting with the front, the motorcycle gets a custom front fascia with even smaller headlight and thicker front wheel. Regular telescopic forks of the same gets replaced with thicker USD painted forks. The front disc brake is removed to make way for twin disc brakes that are bigger in diameter.

Alloy wheels of the motorcycle are replaced with wider units to support the bigger tyres while paint scheme followed here matches to the one on its front forks. Handlebar used here is an aftermarket unit that’s wider than the stock version.

Impressively Modified Bajaj Pulsar NS200
Impressively Modified Bajaj Pulsar NS200 by Judho Pralistyo (Indonesia)

This Bajaj Pulsar also comes with bar end rear view mirrors and color contrast inserts. The engine gets a custom built under-guard while a dual Akrapovic exhaust replaces the single unit of Pulsar NS200.

The swing-arm on the motorcycle is custom built, helping the owner get a longer wheelbase while even adjusting the bigger wheel with ease. The extended length is summed up by a tyre-hugger at its extreme end.

These changes make this Pulsar NS200 look totally different and ranks it number one across all other bikes of it’s class. The proud owner of the bike is Judho Pralistyo from Indonesia.

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All Photos Source: Motoroids