Meet Mad80: A Unique Custom Made Bike by Jacks Sam

The passion to own something unique took Jagadish aka Jacks SAM on a different journey. Stock bikes were not his type and thus, Mad80 was born. This unique machine was built using parts from Bajaj M80 and engine from Hero Glamour.

The 125cc motor may not be a powerful option on stock bike but something that weighs less than half of that would possess impressive outputs. Dual purpose tyres, lightweight body and loads of ground clearance makes the fact clear that this is nothing less than a hand made dirt bike. The use of Yellow shade helps this unique motorcycle turn heads on the roads of Bangalore.

This is what Jack has to say about his ride: “This is the first build which we did, the bike is based on a Bajaj M80. It has a custom built chassis and seat. Engine is from a Hero Honda Glamour (125cc). This bike was built to have fun in the mud as well as in the cities zipping and filtering in Bangalore traffic. Done quit a bit of off-roading and trials. And we have named him as Mad80.”

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