Perfectly Modified 1986 Suzuki AX100 by Tusshar More & Iqbal (Maharashtra)

Suzuki AX100 is a retro machine with equal potential to the legendary Yamaha RX100. The brand was not as popular as the latter in the 1980s but came packed with potential that has been unwrapped by the owner after 32 years. Tusshar More (Owner) has preserved this piece of motorcycling history by completely restoring the model and even adding better parts for added performance and safety. His father bought the bike in 1986 and even after such a long time, they kept the AX100 in running condition. Similar to the Yamaha RX100, this 2-stroke machine uses retro design lines in every connected component. The complete modification/restoration has been done by Tusshar and his friend Iqbal (Hind Auto, Aurangabad).

The motorcycle comes painted in Orange base shade, adding black on prominent locations to add crisp designing and dual tone finish to the exterior. The sticker job is mild and mostly finished in white for perfect highlighting. Tushar is using a custom seat with heavy quilting and raised middle as well as rear section for the perfect, non-slippery surface. The handlebar is full chrome, matching to the perfectly finished set of indicators and rear view mirrors. The use of dual chrome exhaust makes the 98cc AX100 more eye catchy than ever. However, the inclusion of the front disc brake is the best addition that one can make into this retro machine.

Suzuki AX100 comes with spoke wheels that wrap grippy tires for the perfect feel. The front section comes with standard forks, projector studded within the chrome round headlight and twin pod console with chrome outer lines. The 98cc engine was good for more than 100 kph of top speed. However, Tushar has improved the acceleration by using a modified engine block piston. He claims around 58 kmpl of mileage. The modified Suzuki AX100 measures 2,157mm in length, 725mm in width and 1,253mm in height. The fuel tank capacity of the bike is 12 litres, the wheelbase is 1,277mm while overall weight stays 112 kilograms.

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Modified Suzuki AX100 Photos

Before Modification/Restoration

1986 Suzuki AX100
Tusshar More’s Father with his 1986 Suzuki AX100
1986 Suzuki AX100
1986 Suzuki AX100

After Modification/Restoration