Tastefully Modified Royal Enfield Classic 350 by Singh Customs

Nothing feels better than a personalized Royal Enfield Classic 350 and this time, Singh Customs from Surat (Gujarat) presented this neatly modified example. It took a lot of precision to plan and replace all the parts that were of no use on the modified version. Starting from its wheels, the metal spoke units were replaced with Black and Chrome alloy wheels for enhanced beauty. The front tyre was also replaced with thick dual purpose wheel for added attitude.


The next visible change is use of custom fenders that are scrambler inspired and much lighter than the stock metal ones. The use of alloy wheels and different fenders would have resulted in loss of weight for sure. Few other things on target included the headlight cluster and suspension cover. Both were adding useless weight on the motorcycle’s profile and hence, were replaced with flat LED front headlight and open telescopic forks.


The instrument console was replaced as the large console would have even resulted in a lot of weight. Apart from its headlight, all other lights have been covered under Black protectors. Next thing to lose is the rear seat and this modified Classic 350 does not carry one on its back. In fact, the front seat used here is even slimmer and covered in stitched Brown leather. Lower part of the engine is finished in Matt Black while upper remains in stock condition.


Singh Customs have replaced the exhaust unit of this Classic 350 with Black custom silencer and tapped pipe coming out from the engine. They have even finished the leg guard with nylon rope for added protection. The lock has moved to the left side while the performance upgrade simply counts its weight loss and custom exhaust. The motorcycle looks excellently built from every angle. Singh Customs have also replaced the tail light and the handlebar of the motorcycle to give it a completely different look in comparison to the stock model. The cost for this modification stays undisclosed. The proud owner of this tastefully modified Classic 350 is Ankur Borana.

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Tastefully Modified Royal Enfield Classic 350 by Singh Customs
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