Royal Enfield Classic 350 Achilles Edition by Bulleteer Customs

Royal Enfield surprised its fans with the launch of Redditch Edition for the Classic 350 in India. They offer Red, Green and Blue shade on the fuel tank while kept most of the motorcycle in the stock state. Bulleteer Customs were even early in this case as they had prepared the Classic 350 Achilles Edition much before the launch of the special edition Royal Enfield motorcycle. The scrambler genes of this custom motorcycle are fully visible through its body language.


Bulleteer Customs have replaced the stock spoke wheels with this Chrome lined Black alloy wheels, adding to the overall visual appeal of the motorcycle. The engine now comes finished in Black while the custom exhaust is half chrome and half taped on the Achilles. The highest level of attraction comes from the Orange finished fuel tank, which even carries the name of the motorcycle and its maker. The basic frame has been kept the same as the stock version.

Achilles Edition gets custom front and rear fenders, leaving those big and bulky stock units from the Classic 350 behind. Most of the body parts are finished in Matt Black as it provides a great contrast to the shining Orange tank paint. They have removed the front suspension cover and placed ribber fork protectors on the motorcycle. The front headlight cluster has also made way for a much modern round headlight with LED light guide. The console is even a custom round unit.


The flat seat on the Achilles is perfectly ribbed and very comfortable for both the rider as well as the pillion. This has very effectively reduced the overall weight of the motorcycle while the use of front thick tyre provides premium finish to the overall built. The motorcycle retains its front disc brake and uses gas charged chocks for the rear wheels. Achilles could be coined as the most effective built from Bulleteer Customs with least possible alterations to the RE personality.

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Royal Enfield Classic 350 Achilles Edition by Bulleteer Customs
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