Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stallone by Haldankar Customs

Haldankar Customs recently built a huge cruiser out of a stock 500cc Royal Enfield. They have named it Classic 500 Stallone and equipped the same with massive elements like huge fuel tank, extra wide tyre and much more.

All this started with the removal of components from the Classic 500’s body. The fuel tank, tyres, suspension and even the swing arm were removed from the motorcycle in order to plan the next move.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stallone
Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stallone by Haldankar Customs

The big 499 cc engine is quite powerful and they thought of fitting the same with some components that would match its personality. The stock 14.5-litre fuel tank made way for the extra-large 28 litre unit on the Stallone.

RE rims would not be suitable for this size of elements used on the bike. They planned 120 mm front and 200 mm rear tyres for the motorcycle, fitting both the ends with 80 spoke premium custom rims.


This highlighted the typical cruiser profile of the motorcycle. The cover of the front suspension gets chrome finishing while Haldankar customs replaced the headlight section with one round headlight and 2 halogen fog lamps. The setup looks premium, further enhanced with the leather-wrapped section on the fuel tank. This same section holds the speedometer, amp meter and other switches for the Stallone.


The extra-wide handlebar holds the same switches as the stock unit while the rear fender was chopped to expose the extraordinary wheel under the arch. The custom swing arm not just helped in the placement of the wheel but even extended the wheelbase by a considerable length. It was then fitted with the custom exhaust system, leather seats and luggage holder for added practicality to the motorcycle.

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Haldankar Custom’s Stallone then got some extra equipment upgrades like LED fog lights (total 5 lights at the front), waterproof mobile holder, charger, custom-designed levers, custom rubber grips on the handlebar and indicators for all ends.

They kept the paint scheme Black as loud colours would not have suited the personality of the motorcycle in the right manner. Its grand size commands a lot of respect on the road. You can contact +91 98203 86422 for more information on price and specification.

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