Royal Enfield El Huracan 350 by Bulleteer Customs

Bulleteer Customs have ditched the standard design of Royal Enfield Electra, creating a bobber called El Huracan and leaving every eye wide open before its glory. The bike comes with standard RE frame and engine, replacing all other parts with different levels of components for a perfect feel. The finest example for this is dual purpose tire set with black rims at both ends. The difference in size clears that front comes with a 19-inch unit while the rear gets a 16-inch wheel with thick sidewall tire. The handlebar is replaced with a clip-on unit for the sporty riding position, also helping the rider stay more connected to the road with this ultra-low seating position.

A teardrop fuel tank with a metallic finish and brown leather seat with thinnest possible padding confirm that styling was the primary point in mind when customizing a stock Electra. The front suspension comes with matching upper cover and rubber fork cover for a premium look. The huge round headlight with muscular fairing has also been replaced with a dual projector headlight with a chrome outline. The rear swing-arm is custom built as support for a rear disc brake is not available in the Electra swing-arm. Both front and rear fenders are custom built with weight saving capabilities.

The removal of a majority of non-usable parts from El Huracan must have resulted in better than ever performance. Even the exhaust on use is wrapped with heat insulating tape and ends with a stylish black unit. The low seating position makes this motorcycle an ideal choice for riders who felt unsafe while grounding on the regular variant. Royal Enfield Electra is powered by a 346cc, single-cylinder engine, producing 20HP and 28 NM of torque The engine comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox. Electra is now known by the name Bullet ES in India, carrying identical design, electric starter and chrome fenders like the earlier version.

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